Though many families in Tennessee  already own guns and other weapons, state law says that you must be 18 years old  to purchase rifles or shotguns on your own. Now that you’re 18, the law  recognizes that with age comes some degree of wisdom and you have been entrusted with  the responsibility of owning potentially deadly weapons.

 If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a gun and think that now that you’re 18 you’re free and clear, not so fast. There are still some legal  stipulations you must contend with. First off, you’re not yet old enough to buy a handgun.Federal law says you must be 21 or over before you are legally allowed to  buy your own handgun.

 How do you get a  carry permit?

To obtain a handgun carry permit in Tennessee, you must first  successfully complete a handgun safety course offered by a handgun safety school that  has been certified by the Department of Safety.

 You can then file an application at any Driver Service Center in the state.  You will need to bring with you the original copy of your safety course  completion certificate, proof of U.S. Citizenship, photo ID such as your driver’s license,and $115 permit fee. Assuming there are no problems with the application,  you should receive your permit within 90 days of the date the state receives  your application.

 Where can’t you go  with your weapon?

 Even though a person has a permit and is authorized to carry a firearm  under Tennessee law, there are still restrictions as to where the weapon can  be carried. The following are some examples of times and places that are  off limits:

·            Any room in which judicial proceedings are in progress;

·         Any public or private school building or bus;

·         Any airport;

·         Many public parks and public recreation centers are off limits and will have signs

         posted explaining the rule.

·         When you’re drunk; Tennessee law says that you cannot carry a weapon while under 

         the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

 Violations of these rules can lead to a variety of criminal charges, including seriousfelonies.