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Now that you're 18 it is legal to purchase tobacco products. It bears mentioning that just because something is legal does not mean you should do it. Serious health consequences should be considered before lighting up, regardless of whether the law permits you to smoke.

Restrictions on smoking

The 2007, the Tennessee Non-Smokers Protection Act made it illegal to smoke in most all places where other people work. This means that though you are legally allowed to smoke, there are restrictions on the places you can exercise this right. The law means that smoking is prohibited in almost all enclosed public places within the state with only a few exceptions. The smoking ban applies to areas such as restaurants, schools, hotels and motels, retail stores, shopping malls,sports arenas, common areas in apartment buildings and many other places.

So where can you smoke?

Though you’re now legally allowed to smoke, other laws place tight restrictions on exactly where the smoking can take place. The following areas are exempt from Tennessee’s smoking ban: private homes, private vehicles, non-enclosed public areas, venues that restrict access to those who are 21 or older and private clubs.

What about giving tobacco to minors?

Though you are now old enough to consume tobacco if you so choose, Tennessee law is clear that you can and will be punished for selling or giving tobacco products away to those under 18 years of age. This means you should steer clear of using your new legal maturity to purchase cigarettes for underage friends.

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